How to optimize On-Page SEO – Part 3

Post long engaging content

The key to rank higher on Google’s first page is “Length is Strength”. So you must create a post/article about 1900 words. Your post/article must be rich in content with informative and attractive to fulfill your audience’s need.

Optimize your images

This is one of the important things but is often overlooked. Your image file name and Alt Text must includes your target keyword, for example : lose-weight.jpg

Boost site speed

Page loading speed affects Google ranking, so make sure your website is fast enough by compress your image, use fast hosting, etc.

Take advantage of H1, H2, H3 hierarchy

  • Tags H1 for heading
  • Tags H2 & H3 for subheading
  • Tags H4 – H6 for additional sub steps that your guide has

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